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Black History is American History


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There is no more powerful force than a people steeped in their history. And there is no higher cause than honoring our struggle and ancestors by remembering.

Carter G. Woodson, PhD

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Black and African history is American history.

Black labor, ingenuity and drive helped build this country, and civilizations have thrived on the African continent for thousands of years – but no one would know it from most textbooks. We created the nonprofit BlackOwned Institute (BOI) to change that. 


Black people have always made history and always will – but it’s equally important that Black people take the lead on how that history is discovered, explored, researched, recorded, archived, curated, exhibited and shared. 


We are also passionate about sports and want to help young track and field athletes go to the National Junior Olympics. Many kids qualify but lack the resources to attend. Following qualification, BOI will help send kids on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, assisting with entry fees, uniforms, shoes, equipment, travel, other expenses for kids and parents.


Through BOI’s afterschool and summer programs, K-8 kids will learn about Black and African history, gaining a more complete picture of the African diaspora.