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BlackOwned. Two small words with huge implications. When Quentin Anderson, Founder and CEO of BlackOwned, secured that iconic domain name almost 20 years ago, he had no idea his vision would come full circle at a time as unprecedented as any in recent memory,

In 2020, as the nation renewed its focus on social justice, became a reality, beginning the journey towards Quentin’s dream: To build our own Wakanda.

Quentin Anderson has been an entrepreneur all of his life. His company, Dream Homes California, is the largest black-owned real estate company in San Diego. Now, he is at the helm of one of the most dynamic and valuable pieces of virtual real estate on the market.

At you’ll find BlackOwned Institute, the education arm of the company, and BlackTalent Hub, an innovative site where companies can reach qualified minority talent. Completing the company portfolio is SKRRT, a revolutionary audience engagement platform that brings live and recorded events to your device of choice.

“BlackOwned is building a seamless community of excellence where we create our own ecosystem. We believe our people are our greatest resource. When we work together toward a common goal, we have the power to do the impossible,” said Quentin. With his partner, Pamela F. Nichols, Quentin is building a network where black professionals can gather to explore health and career opportunities and immerse themselves in black culture.

Pamela Nichols is a U.S. Army veteran with more than 25 years’ experience in management and human resources. She brings a wealth of executive experience from the public, private, government and nonprofit sectors. As president of BlackOwned, Pamela is CEO of BlackOwned Institute and BlackTalent Hub,

Black consumers spend more than 1.3 trillion dollars a year. When black dollars are spent in black owned spaces, the possibility of community growth occurs. That ripple effect can create a generation of wealth equality for Black people that has not yet been achieved in America.

The importance of our economic power is not new. Martin Luther King Jr., in his famous “Mountaintop” speech, spoke of the power of black spending. “The Negro collectively is richer than most nations of the world…. That’s power right there, if we know how to pool it.”

King advocated for Black folks to put their money in Black owned banks and patronize businesses that treat customers with respect. “We've got to strengthen black institutions… [and] begin the process of building a greater economic base. And at the same time, we are putting pressure where it really hurts. I ask you to follow through on this,” said King.

In 2020, we have come to a re-awakening of our economic power. Thanks to social media, and the proliferation of Buy Black campaigns, we are sharing information and using the power of connection to increase our reach. Searches for Black-owned businesses skyrocketed this summer, jumping over 7,000 percent, according to Yelp. And in response, Yelp and Google added features to make it easier for consumers to identify and access Black owned businesses. will be at the forefront of those connections. We want to be conscious of where and how we spend. When we think intentionally as consumers, we can ensure that our transactions help grow our community.

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