BlackOwned Institute Welcomes RAY LEONARD JR

Ray has dedicated his life to helping

others through his commitment

to being better every day. As an

active supporter of many causes

and a youth coach and mentor, Ray

brings energy, excitement and

insight to any setting. He believes

in the Mission and Vision of the

BlackOwned Institute.

Known always to light a room when he walks in, Ray is a top motivational keynote speaker, radio host, actor and award-winning business executive.

He is the co-founder of Launch Team Consulting, Inc., which focuses on diversity, leadership and corporate culture training.

Ray is also the co-owner of Universal Media Group, a media conglomerate whose corporate focus is on implementing celebrity-based programming, social media and interactive TV.

The company is known for its cutting-edge technology in media through music, sports and empowering the millennial generation.

Ray has an uncanny ability to connect with his audience as a powerful motivational speaker. Instilling the virtues of leadership, discipline, awareness and control, Ray is a sought-after speaker who has traveled extensively, giving talks to various businesses, organizations and the military.

Ray has been an endorser for major brands such as 7 Up, a recognizable and trusted figure whose name packs a powerful punch.

He will release his passion project, Ray Leonard Jr’s Know Better Do Better, a dynamic book of heartfelt inspiration, life lessons and practical strategies to drive change for young people in the Spring of 2021.


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