The film industry is a male dominated industry worldwide. The selection of films in ADIFF Women’s History Month Film Series is a modest celebration of the work of international women filmmakers of color who, against all odds, have broken the Glass Ceiling and managed to create meaningful pieces of cinematic art.

France, Tunisia, the USA, Bangladesh, Senegal and more are part of the program. Some of the films focus on women stories while others highlight men stories with a firm hand. They talk on issues of incredible relevance today such as racism in France, Islam and women, Black women in the military, racial identity, union building struggles, colonialism, race in Latin-America and more. These are revolutionary women whose works deserve an appreciation and understanding that some of them have never had due to the fact they are women speaking with their voice in a male dominated field.

Join us for a free Zoom conversation with two of the filmmakers spotlighted in the series who share a passion for producing and directing powerful documentaries with a strong political input! Meet Brandi Webb director and producer of Opening Night film Betrayal of a Nation and Marcia Weekes, director and producer of Barrow, Freedom Fighter!

Discover 18 films directed by women of color from ten different countries. Support ADIFF with a $7 minimum per film or purchase the Women’s History Month Film Series All Access Pass for $65.


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